The MEWP Training Centre: IPAF Approved Training Nationwide

Full range of IPAF Approved Training Courses and in-house ‘Bespoke’ courses tailored to meet client specifications for training


Duration of the IPAF Operator Training Course is variable depending on the type of course, trainee experience, machine complexity, and the number of machine categories taken. One day is a minimum of seven hours. Training course for Push Around Vertical (PAV)…


Half-day Course. Maximum number of candidates: 8 (2 courses allowed per day: 16 candidates). To instruct an Operator to prepare and safely operate various types of Push Around Vertical (PAV) Platforms and to obtain an IPAF MEWP Operator’s PAL Card…


The IPAF Demonstrator Course is for demonstrators to familiarise operators with their responsibilities and to demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedures, and the limitations of MEWPs). Duration: 1-3 days. PAL Card on completion…


The IPAF Harness Course instructs a user to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely when using a MEWP. Duration: Minimum of a half day – Maximum number of candidates = 10. Certificate on completion. To instruct a candidate…

MEWPS for Managers

MEWPs for Managers is the essential course for those who plan, supervise and manage the use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in the workplace. Available as either eLearning or a full-day….

Load & Unload Course

The IPAF load / unload course instructs an operator and/or driver in the correct safety procedures for the loading, unloading and securing of machinery prior to or following transportation by road…

Site Assessment MEWPS

The course guides candidates through the process of determining the optimum MEWP for a given task. Factors covered include height, reach, up-and-over height, the weight of people, required materials & tools….

IPAF Instructor Course

For people wishing to become an IPAF Instructor, employed by an IPAF Approved Training Centre or as an Independent Instructor delivering training through one or more training centres. This course trains and assesses an…

About Paul Stray & The MEWP Training Centre

Owner and Lead Instructor at TMTC, Paul established the business in November 2021. Since start-up, including previous training services experience, he’s been actively training for almost 19 years in total.

Industry Expertise & Training Experience Prior to TMTC

Prior to The MEWP Training Centre, Paul was Training and Health & Safety Manager for 7 years, employed within an Equipment Dealer of Genie Lifts, the world’s largest Access Platform Manufacturer.

IPAF Senior Instructor, Licenced and Accredited

To become an IPAF instructor for MEWPs, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 36 months’ MEWP operating experience 
  • IPAF Operator Licence held for 6 months minimum
  • IPAF Demonstrator Licence held for 3 months minimum
  • IPAF MEWPs for Managers course successfully completed
  • Evidence of Acceptable Instructional Techniques training (3 days minimum)
  • Successful completion of an approved Harness Instructor course
  • Evidence of HSE required standard for First Aid at Work training level

The MEWP Training Centre

TMTC is a nationwide IPAF Approved Training Centre that can carry out the full range of IPAF training, as well as bespoke in-house bespoke courses built around your own specification.

TMTC is a nationwide IPAF Approved Training Centre that can carry out the full range of IPAF training, as well as bespoke in-house bespoke courses built around your own specification.

The MEWP Training Centre’s instructors have vast product knowledge, manufacturer training and are the very best in the industry.

With nationwide coverage and manufacturer trained instructors, our bespoke courses complement a breadth of services so why would you go anywhere else? TMTC has you covered…

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