IPAF Operator Course

The IPAF Operator Course training course instructs an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs, also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial lifts or scissor lifts. Categories include Static Vertical (1a), Static Boom (1b), Mobile Vertical (3a), Mobile Boom (3b).

The training course for Push Around Vertical (PAV) MEWPs takes half a day.

Duration of the IPAF Operator Training Course is variable depending on the type of course, trainee experience, machine complexity, and the number of machine categories taken. One day is a minimum of seven hours.

  • Course duration: 1 – 3 days depending upon experience, categories and complexity of machines
  • No experience necessary
  • 3a – Mobile Vertical
  • 3b – Mobile Boom
  • 1b – Static Vertical
  • PAV – Push Around Vertical (half day)

Aim: To instruct an Operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs and to obtain an IPAF MEWP Operator Licence

  • Theory exam
  • Practical exam
  • IPAF PAL card
  • IPAF certificate