Why Book With The MEWP Training Centre

Affordable ‘in-house’ Bespoke Training and Approved IPAF Training Courses and for all sectors of industry and work sites

Why Book Training Services from The MEWP Training Centre?

When it comes to Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), safety, efficiency, and compliance of equipment they are of utmost importance.

Choosing the right Training Partner

Choosing the right training centre for MEWP operations can make a significant difference in ensuring that operators are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Among the varied options available, The MEWP Training Centre stands out as a premium training choice.

Booking with TMTC is a smart option

Booking training courses, whether standard or bespoke, with TMTC represents a smart decision for individuals, and organisations, seeking comprehensive and top-quality MEWP training trusted by a loyal and growing customer base.

Why Book with The MEWP Training Centre: industry Professionals

The MEWP Training Centre boasts seasoned professionals with years of experience in the powered access and related industry.

Our trainers are accredited and certified, possessing extensive knowledge of MEWPs, safety regulations, and best practices. This expertise ensures that participants receive high-quality and up-to-date training that aligns with the leading industry standards.

Choosing the right Training Partner

The MEWP Training Centre offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet specific industry needs. From basic operator training to advanced techniques, these courses cater to beginners and experienced operators alike.

Participants can choose from a variety of MEWP types, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and push around equipment to hone skills for their respective job requirements and working at height requirements.

Why Book Training With The MEWP Training Centre

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Modern Training Facilities

Equipped with modern training facilities, The MEWP Training Centre provides a realistic and safe learning environment. Hands-on training with well-maintained MEWPs enables participants to practice in various scenarios, preparing them for the ‘real-world’ challenges they may encounter in the field and on site.

Safety lies at our core

Safety lies at the core of The MEWP Training Centre’s philosophy. Our training programs prioritise safety protocols, hazard awareness, and emergency procedures. Participants are instilled with a safety-first mindset, ensuring they are equipped to handle potential risks effectively and efficiently, minimising the risk.

Flexible Training is an available option

Understanding the diverse schedules of participants, TMTC offers flexible training options. Whether it’s on-site training for organisations, or regular training sessions for individuals, the safety courses we deliver accommodate specific needs and make the learning process convenient and accessible.

Why Book with The MEWP Training Centre: industry Professionals

TMTC training courses adhere to all relevant regulatory standards. By choosing our training services the participants can rest assured that they will be compliant with local and international regulations – mitigating legal risks – helping to work safer and smarter.

When it comes to MEWP training, TMTC Training Centre exists as an established and highly-trusted reliable training partner choice.

Unmatched expertise and course offering

Why? With our unmatched expertise and comprehensive course offerings, plus commitment to safety and state-of-the-art facilities, we are known for ensuring that course participants receive quality training that empowers them to operate MEWPs with confidence and competence.

Booking with The MEWP Training Centre means individuals and organisations invest in the safety and success of their workforce. We take our part in enabling trainees to excel in their respective industries through safer equipment operations.