Ladders and Steps Course

Delegates will be competent to:

  1. Assess and determine when it’s appropriate to use a ladder or stepladder
  2. Correctly locate and safely use ladders & stepladders

They will have an understanding of:

  1. What they need to know about the law and standards relating to ladders & stepladders
  2. Hazards in the use of ladders & stepladders
  3. Storage & handling of ladders & stepladders
  4. Assess and determine when it’s appropriate to inspect a ladder or stepladder
  5. Record finding & recommend action to be taken if faults are found
  6. Accurately record details of ladders & stepladders

Who will benefit from this Ladders and Steps Course?

Those whose duty is to use, inspect and maintain ladders & stepladders in their workplace

Course Duration

4 hours

Training Activity

  • Slide led – trainer providing information and asking questions
  • A group exercise on inspections & hazard analysis
  • An individual questionnaire on using and inspection of Ladders & Stepladders

Assessment Process

There are assessment activities:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Ladder / Stepladders fault finding
  3. Carrying, positioning ladders & stepladders


Closed book course with a pass mark of 80%

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment Required

Suitable head / footwear and gloves during the practical session

Ladder Association – Ladders and Stepladders Combined User & Inspection Course Content


Maximum of 8 delegates per course